Red Dead Redemption Weapons

Red Dead Redemption of course features a wealth of weaponry allowing you to kill just about anything in the game that has a heartbeat. Here are some of the weapons you'll be able to get a hold of in the game.


Cattleman Revolver
Rugged six-gun known by many names. Easy to handle, accurate, and packs a punch

Mauser Pistol
Fully automatic German pistol. Chambers some very powerful ammunition, and a lot of it. Hold the trigger for rapid fire.

Rifles / Shotguns

Repeater Carbine
This older model of carbine balances range and power. Easy to handle in the saddle, making it ideal for the frontiersmen.

Sawed-off Shotgun
This compact shotgun's snubbed barrel gives a wider spread across a shorter range. Double tap the trigger to fire both barrels.


Hogtied victims are much easier to return alive, and earn greater rewards than kills.

Throwing Knife
Double edged knife, perfectly balanced for throwing. A good, swift throw can take out a target very quietly.


More coming soon!