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Friday, 16th April, 2010

Gunslingers for Facebook

Posted at 19:21 GMT by Chris :: Comments: 2

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Do you use Facebook? If so, you may be interested to hear about the "Gunslingers" app created by Rockstar Games themselves.

Red Dead Redemption: Gunslingers is an RPG social game experience created specifically for Facebook, where players can duel against friends, foes and strangers alike and level up to become the most notorious gunslinger in the land.

  • Create a Western gunslinger identity for yourself, and choose a character between three strategic classes: Outlaw (power), Fast Hands (speed), and Sharpshooter (accuracy).
  • Challenge opponents to Duels - and see it rendered out through a dynamic and bloody shootout video sequence.
  • Collect dozens of special Achievement distinctions only attainable by a master duelist.
  • Round up a notorious posse of friends to level up quicker. Talk trash on each others' character profile Walls.
  • And compete amongst your friends in friends-only leaderboards for unassailable bragging rights - or via the global leaderboards to see if you have what it takes to be the baddest gunslinger worldwide.

Link: Gunslingers App @ Facebook
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#1 - 20th April, 2010 @ 05:45
Cool graphic, FB games just really aren't my thing though. It seems to be a western remake of Mafia Wars, no?
#2 - 20th April, 2010 @ 08:17
I've never been a Facebook fan myself just using an account so I can connect with people around the world.
Then Farmville came along and all my friends were addicted but I'm a 'real' game I didn't care.

When Gunslingers came around I was hooked, it's a god damn good and addictive game.
Very fun with the levels and the actual fights instead of text-based duels.