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Wednesday, 22nd September, 2010

Liars and Cheats Pack out now

Posted at 02:30 GMT by Chris :: Comments: 0
The Liars and Cheats DLC for Red Dead Redemption is now available for download via the Xbox LIVE Marketplace (800 points) and the PlayStation Store ($9.99). The pack brings the following new features:

  • Stronghold Competitive Multiplayer Mode - team-based mode where each team takes turns attacking and defending a landmark before the clock runs out;
  • The Explosive Rifle - brand-new destructive weapon with its own single-player and multiplayer challenges;
  • Multiplayer Poker and Liars' Dice Games - one of the most requested multiplayer features;
  • Multiplayer Horse Races - compete against both friend and foe, complete with mounted combat;
  • Four New Hunting Grounds - now visible on the map for all to hunt the dangerous, errant wildlife;
  • Seven New Gang Hideouts - brand new opportunities to level up;
  • 15 New Multiplayer characters - personalities from the world of Red Dead Redemption return;
  • New Achievements and Trophies.
Link: T2 Press Release
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